Marvel's Spider-Man: Across the Universe

Marvel's Spider-Man: Across the Universe


178 Chapters Ongoing Status


Bad news: I have traveled, and I have traveled to the Marvel universe where super villains are flying everywhere and superheroes are running everywhere.
Good news: I was bitten by a spider before crossing, and I awakened the ability of Spider-Man
Bede found that his spider abilities were different from ordinary Spider-Man - he could go to other worlds through the quantum tunnel!
So, he first set a few small goals for himself.
In the world of Ultimate Spider-Man, inherit the mantle of Ultimate Spider-Man.
Go to Toby Spider World and have a friendly meeting with him.
Go to Garfield Spider World again and save his Gwen.
I also want to go to the Dutch Spider World to teach him how to be a qualified Spiderman!
In short, this is a story about accidentally acquiring the power of Spider-Man and roaming freely in the universe~

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