Strategy of Prince's Concubine's Rebellion

Strategy of Prince's Concubine's Rebellion


1586 Chapters Ongoing Status


[1V1 double clean + domineering love + military strategy + happy ending]
The cute little princess of Nanchu was eating, drinking and playing in the market when she met a tall, handsome and handsome brother.
When encountering danger on the road, Brother Qiao, who has extraordinary skills, comes to the rescue.
The princess was grateful. Seeing that Qiao's brother was in shabby clothes and poor, she invited him to the most expensive restaurant and theater in Nanchu to have wine and watch a show...
He thought he had met a handsome young man, but he didn't know that he was in trouble with a barbarian jackal.
The handsome and elegant brother like a white-faced scholar, his true identity is actually the commander-in-chief of millions of soldiers of Beiyan and the world-famous king of war!
The king of war was moved, and he tried all kinds of ways to get married, but failed, and became angry from shame.
Wear strong weapons and seize territory.
He kidnapped the princess and sang happily every night.
Just when the Wolf King thought he had tamed the disobedient girl into a sweet and cute pet, he didn't know that his little white rabbit was secretly planning to escape and forming an army...
A seductive battle between the sweetness and cuteness of the South VS the barbarity and cruelty of the North also begins...
In order to deceive his sincerity, when she went to the market hand in hand with him, she fell in love with a rabbit made of fur.
The stall owner said: "This rabbit and wolf go together. The girl knows the goods, so she added some money and bought the wolf as well."
She pouted: "Nonsense, how can a rabbit and a wolf be a couple?"
He paid happily and pinched her chubby cheeks: "I think they match well."
The story of a wolf falling in love with a white rabbit and finally turning into a loyal dog
A story in which the male and female protagonists work together to create the great cause of unifying the North and the South.
The author is a professional screenwriter, and his writing is guaranteed to be updated.
The introduction is not as good as the main text, welcome to read~

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