Wang Ye's foodie farm concubine

Wang Ye's foodie farm concubine


5177 Chapters Ongoing Status


Four years after the apocalypse, three generations of men from the Yu family in Yonghe Village finally welcomed a girl named Yuyao.Yao, the one who captures the beauty of stone.
In the 23rd century, Yuyao, the heir to the Yu family of the hermit family, one month after succeeding as the head of the family, overwhelming the elders with absolute strength, and helped the heir he trained to become the head of the family, and then disappeared.
Two completely unrelated people became one person by chance.Yuyao from Yonghe Village died young because she accidentally fell into the water and could not be rescued in time.In exchange for the soul of Yuyao, who was killed in the 23rd century when the table exploded while eating hotpot and failed to escape in time.
"You can't eat this!" "Yes" "No" "It's okay if I say yes, who knows better!" "You" Yu Jingting said depressedly.Yuyao, who successfully won the battle, looted all the peppercorns she found.
Fighting for nothing, torturing the scum, and stepping on the white lotus.
Go up the mountain to catch a chicken, go down the river to catch a fish, cook a delicacy and open a shop, and lead the whole village to prosperity and endless happiness.

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