Unique Zihan

Unique Zihan


1296 Chapters Ongoing Status


Thirty years of wealthy life suddenly became a necessity.He was destined to die, but unexpectedly reborn.How should Zihan live in the world after rebirth?Will she, who has an inherently cold personality, change with the passage of time in the endless years?Is this rebirth an arrangement from God or a coincidence?We'll see.
In the world of cultivating immortals, there are so many powerful people, how can Zi Han gain a foothold?He originally had a strong background, but it disappeared overnight. The miserable Zihan had no choice but to rely on his own talent to stand out from the crowd step by step!
On the road to cultivating immortality, she met all kinds of beautiful men and beauties. How should Zihan refuse?Zi Han only said silently, Donor, please respect yourself! ! !
The second is Shuangwen. p.s. This article will probably not have a male protagonist
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