Man vs. Wild!She is a real daughter and she shows off the audience

Man vs. Wild!She is a real daughter and she shows off the audience


82 Chapters Ongoing Status


As soon as the guests of the latest variety show Wilderness Survival were announced, netizens poured in with curses.

"What kind of rubbish program team actually invited Tang Xin to be a guest? This variety show will go to the center of the earth!"

However, when the live broadcast started, netizens were shocked:

"Damn it, what did I see? The woman catching the snake with her bare hands is Tang Xin who only cries when something happens?"

"Look, do the big cats that Tang Xin is stroking look like tigers?"
Fans: "We Xinxin can obviously rely on our face to make a living, but we must rely on our strength!"
Tang Xin failed to survive the catastrophe and was reborn as an [-]th-tier actress in modern times.
The original owner was unlucky and pitiful, her biological parents didn't care for her, her adoptive parents didn't love her, she was despised by her brothers, and there was also a fake daughter who took over her identity and was eyeing her, ready to step her into the quagmire at any time.
Looking at the people around her who were watching eagerly, Tang Xin clenched her fists. It happened that she had just arrived and had no idea what to do, so she just practiced with them first.
She tortured the scumbag with one hand and was busy with her career with the other. When she came back to her senses after finishing her work, she suddenly found that the person who helped her when she was working hard had moved into her home at some point.
Looking at the man busy in the kitchen, Tang Xin fell into thinking, "What kind of excuse should she use to drive him out?"

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