Douluo's Bones Dragon

Douluo's Bones Dragon


188 Chapters Ongoing Status


Gu Xuan traveled across the Douluo Continent and became the only grandson of Gu Rong, the Bone Douluo. He has a strong life background and the advantage of foresight. Let’s see how he leads the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect to unify the continent.
Ning Rongrong: "Brother Gu Xuan is my prince charming!"
Tang San: "This son's light is so bright that I, the God King, can't hide his sharp edge!"
Ning Fengzhi: "With Xuan'er here, I can protect the Qibao Glazed Sect from declining for hundreds of years."
Qian Renxue: "I treat him as my younger brother, but he actually wants me to be his wife?"
Qian Daoliu: "I have a daughter who has just grown up. The Qibao Glazed Sect should not fail to appreciate her."
Dugu Bo: "Yan Guo is plucking his hair, but you kid actually wants to do it?"
King Shura: "Who am I, Gu Xuan? You have to take this throne if you don't want it."
God King of Destruction: "Gu Xuan, you are the first man who dares to refuse me."

(PS: If you don’t join the group, you can cut off three points and beat Tang Hao violently. It’s a classic example of beating the younger one to the older one.)
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